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Brian Krebs of the Krebs on Security blog

From 1995-2009 writing on tech policy, privacy and computer security for The Washington Post, Brian Krebs (born 1972) is an American journalist and investigative reporter best known for his coverage of profit-motivated cybercriminals.

Krebs runs an excellent regular blog, Krebs on Security, covering computer security, credit card skimming, cybercrime, and related fields. The in depth and painstakingly researched posts found on Krebs on Security cover a wealth of ingenious criminal schemes and their workings, and are essential reading for anybody interested in this area of the criminal underground. Proof of this comes from the massive 13 September 2015 distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on the site, apparently drawing from an army of hacked ‘Internet-of-Things’ devices, and measuring at an unprecedented 620-665 Gigabits of traffic per second!

Krebs on Security

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