FZV – ‘Soundsump’

FZV - 'Soundsump'(CD • Anathematica • 2010)

A very welcome release from FZV, via his own Anathematica imprint, comprising fifteen tracks from the last four years or so.

Whilst Richard has always been uncompromising in pursuing his own unique industrial vision, this release sees him revisiting some of his past work, honing it further still so that the whole album seethes with an oozing amneoiotic presence.

The stripped down compositions combine harshly abrasive noise, highly accomplished granular synthesis, patiently processed found sounds and some seriously heavyweight bass too (extra props to Mr. Hue Jah Fink’s mastering skills here). A challenging yet rewarding listen – if you need something to relate it to, think Scorn, Blackmass Plastics, and Hekate.

Will Phuq wrote this

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