Equinox – ‘Acid Rain VIP’

Equinox - 'Acid Rain VIP'(2×12″ • Planet Mu • 2006)

Four fairly strong and pleasantly kinetic tracks from Equinox, with a heavy classic jungle flavour (including yet another use of that ‘Ancient Ways’ sample).

I for one am looking forward to rinsing the title track through a phat rig, though I’m sure that everyone else heard this one out ages ago. C’est la vie!


Will Phuq wrote this

Specialist in Munkeljuck, Schpamenfrugen, and Flippy-Pip, currently learning to yodel, while teaching himself Quantum Physics, yet still finding the time to continually yearn for his lost childhood hat; not forgetting that time he donated money to an attractive 'chugger' without even being asked to...