Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth – ‘Kill or be Killed’

Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth - 'Kill or be Killed'(7” • Full Watts • 2000)

This first release for I-Sound’s Full Watts label has been a favourite of mine since it was released way back in 2000, combining as it does the best shrapnel breaks and mega distorted rave bass of London’s DJ Scud (operating here under the pseudonym Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth) with the phattest dancehall to produce a HEAVY weapon for the dancefloor. Absolutely killer.


Will Phuq wrote this

Specialist in Munkeljuck, Schpamenfrugen, and Flippy-Pip, currently learning to yodel, while teaching himself Quantum Physics, yet still finding the time to continually yearn for his lost childhood hat; not forgetting that time he donated money to an attractive 'chugger' without even being asked to...